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Glass Case

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For most people their journey in glass ends at The Corning Meuseum of Glass, for me, it's where it started. I vivdly remeber the Cross my parents purchased for me from the gift shop while attending a family reunioun in upstate New York. One half blasted with a frosted ruff stone finish, the other half was flawless, precises, smooth as...we' The dicotomy facinated me. In fact it still does to this day and plays a direct roll in why so much of my personal glass work incorporates sandblasting. But alas, I'm getting ahead of myself, for as much as my journey with glass started on that family trip, I would spend many many maaaany years around the Borosilicate Culture before producing my own body of work and truly stepping into the public eye. Truth told the full story of my expedition into the American Glass culture is far more vast than I can tell you in this space, but below you will find paths which lead into my crazy world of creation. Directly below you'll find two buttons, "The One Tribe" and "Journalism" both unique roots for any glass blower. In short, I was one of the first Journalist in the world to cover Degenerate Art by Slinger, and I also made the first ever Stop Motion Animation Music video...featuring all glass figurines. I'm incredibly proud of both these accomplishments so please make sure to check both out. At the bottom of the page you'll find a live feed from my social media where I most consistantly upload previews of my new work. I'm working to streamline my work flow yet still share as much as I can with my fans and this seems to be the obvious choice. Last, make sure to swing by the store and see my current available pieces and merchandise, your support directly plays into allowing me to pursue my dreams moving forward.

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