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full length lp's

Hope Floats - by Aaron Evans 

produced by dj shag

released 2019 dove ink records

     "now I don't have all the answers but I'll bust my ass to find em, 

Success is half failing getting up and still try'n.

See I'm selling an idea and I hope to God your buy'n,

cus ideas live forever and I never plan on die'n.

Let's learn to listen with our hearts, rather than our ears.

Let's learn to see with our spirits, threw the tears and fears

Let's learn to touch each others souls, with more than our hands.

Let's learn to learn from each other, I just know that we can"

                                                                            -The Return


beautiful disaster - by Aaron Evans 

feat. Illogic, Orko, Sojourn, jimmy powers, nomis and number man

produced by mr ridley

released 2016 dove ink records

     "tonight's an invitation, no it's an invocation.  

as we get free and let the music be our meditation.

Tonight I must confess, the beat inside my chest,

Is main wired from my heart into the DJ's decks.

Leaving all the stress, pain and chains behind,

redefined my blue print and finally freed my mind.

I'd say it's due time, you chose to do the same.

forget fame, ride your lane,

and reach and higher plain."

                                -The End 


Family always matters - by Aaron Evans 

produced by aaron evans

released 2012 dove ink records

     "if every two steps forward, you take one step back,

you're still one step further, then where you were at.

See progress is a process, of inches not miles,

so quickly cut your looses and remember to smile.

Believe me, I never said it'd be easy,

but every mighty oak started out as a seedling.

searching for nurishment, purpose and meaning.

breaking out of boxes, accepting no ceiling."

                                                                            -We All Work


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