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Dove Ink Records proudly presents hope floats

the 3rd studio lp from aaron evans 

     Fuck the fancy intro, for the last 4 years my life has been nothing short of a living hell. We all know that. But sometimes in life, you have to lose everything, to finally find yourself. Today is my 39th Birthday, and I can say with pride that I'm entering the prime of my life. For what I found in the depths of the darkest hole I've ever know, is hope. A hope that planted itself deep within my soul, refused to lose sight of the light, and now is ready to share it's fruit with the world.

      Hope Floats is 11 tracks of uplifting, inspirationally infused music I wrote and recorded over the this tumultuous time period of my life. But don't get the wrong impression. This isn't emo Hip Hop meant to sit in the muck. No, Hope Floats is the triumphant vibes I would blast in my car on the way to the gym, on the days when the demons of my depression just wouldn't let up. Tho tackling many difficult powerful topics in todays world, this album maintains a fun, albeit somewhat rebellious tone from start to finish. (We'll track 10 and 11 get a little heavy, just a heads up.)

     Hope Floats is my personal favorite album of the now 20 projects I've been a part of in my carrer. It's not my favorite because it's the newest tho, it's favorite because it's the most accurate picture of me and my crazy life. It's my balance. From the might of my roar, to the softness of my purr, this is the lion, uncaged. 

     All the love in the world to DJ Shag for sending a batch of beats to an Emcee he barley knew, who needed a lifeline in stormy seas. You saved my love brother. Now I'm gonna go save others. Your Jazzy, Funky bangers are not to be fucked with! Also sending love to The Yan Love Experience my HEMP clothing sponsor and Howard Merlin for his outstanding job mixing and mastering the album at Farmadelica Sound. Without you three, this album wouldn't have happened. 

     And last THANK YOU to all my fans that are still here and stuck by me patiently knowing I would return better than ever. WE'RE just getting started and I need you all to spread this like wildfire. People always say they want more positive music, more music with Hope. Well...... ;) 


     released in 2016, Beautiful Disaster is the sophomore album from Aaron Evans

featuring guest appearances from Illogic, Orko, Sojourn, Jimmy Powers, Nomis and Number Man. With production provided by Mr. Ridley and supported by video singles for Stronger and Shit's Getting Scary, Beautiful Disaster is an bold auditory adventure threw the endless emotional roller coaster which is Aaron's existence.

     Written and recorded during Aaron's time in Souther California (2010-2015), Beautiful Disaster is raw, untamed, unapologetic Hip Hop ripped straight from heart. It's Ohio soul stirred with West Coast trunk rattling funk. It's a lion, starting to understand the depth of it's roar, and a vital step on the path to becoming King Of The Jungle. It's a duality, we all know, but often lack words for. It's life, laid out ferociously over gut grabbing boom bap beats.

     After nearly 10 years in the shadows playing the role of DJ/Producer/Label Head at Dove Ink Records, in 2011 the time had finally come for Aaron to spread his wings, and let his words find their own winds. For Aaron the choice of where to start his solo career was clear - family. Or as he chose to call it F.A.M. (Family Always Matters). Be it bloodline, spiritual brotherhood or one of the countless eclectic artistic connections he's made along his prolific career, the one common bond throughout his journey has been the presence, love and support of the F.A.M.  Musically, F.A.M. addresses many pertinent issues faced within the fold of any family; from raising children and balancing the daily work grind, to depression, addiction and finding the ability to count your blessings within the eye of the storm. 

     F.A.M. is a comprehensive collection of Aaron's many talents and stands firm as a true solo LP.   From the beats, to the design and mastering, every inch of this record was created and crafted with Aaron's own two hands. All heart. No hype. F.A.M. set a rebellious and uplifting tone to a career poised to deliver hope into every dark corner it's light can find. 

Music News

 -video NEWs: No Repair (aka Steven & Fred) my Music Video in support of Suicide Awareness is FINALLY done! Click HERE to watch now and make sure to share this powerful and important piece of work with all your friends and family. You never know who's fighting hidden demons. 
AND...I still have a few tricks up my sleeve for between now and the end of the year. Stay Tuned.


-ALBUM NEWS: Currently I'm working on 2 new projects slated for 2020. The first is titled Scars and will be my 4th solo album. I'll be returning to handling all the production on this project which is the first time I've done that since F.A.M. That said, my break from beat making has proved to be highly beneficial as my new sound is completely refreshed.  The music beds are done and the writing is past the half way mark. I can't give an exact date yet. But it will be next year for sure.

     The second album is the debut full length from The Break Monsters. That's right, my first ever instrumental project is finally going to come out. The full title is The Break Monsters Go To Camp Fuck Depression and man, it's just so different that anything else I've put out. You can dance, work out, rage and rebuild to this shit. I'm out to blow speakers and move asses with this joint. Truth told I have no idea what you all will think. But I fucking love it, and that's really all that matters.


And that's the grand update F.A.M.

Feels good to be back running with the pack leaders and I plan to Roar a lot more before its all said and done.


We Are Rising - We Are One