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about scrappers 

One Heart - One Beat - One Tribe 

if you where to come across a pile of odds and ends, pieces and parts, and discarded ambitions strewn about an abandoned lot, would you see a mound of rubble and trash, or a chance to cash in on untapped opportunity and rebuild with a survivalist mentality? "Never give up", isn't a motto, it's a mandatory mind-state scribed in wild-style letters on the soul of every Scrapper. Risen from ashes and reborn from the wreckage, they are the redivivus rebels who know how to take the least and make the most. Scrappers endure and thrive from life's turmoil, while others run from it's terror. Bent halos don't always translate to broken souls, and Scrappers prove this notion time and time again. Has your soul been resurrected, reborn? Has it resisted defeat? Have you lived life as a Scrapper?

characteristics The essence of those of us who take the least and make the most lives within each Scrapper. Literally made from broken dreams (glass) of projects that failed in the studio, Scappers take what would otherwise be trash and turn it into a beautiful treasure. 

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