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about elders 

One Heart - One Beat - One Tribe 

stripes are earned, never given. Like a towering ancient redwood: only when time is gracious, luck is plentiful, and resolve is furious, does one endure long enough, to the embody the distinction and privilege of becoming an Elder. If dreamers are the architects of the universe, then Elders are its caretakers, for only their firm, yet gentle touch, can orchestrate the harmonies of timeless truths. Elders understand that If knowledge is golden, then wisdom is invaluable. They see that the reason forests burn, is to clear space for new growth, and that often, life's most glorious moments are only obtained threw patience and time.​ 

characteristics Inspired by the Aesop Rock line "They will chop you down just to count your rings." Elders have chosen not to accept this destiny, instead deciding to display the rings they've earned for all the world to see.  Each ring of an Elder's signature Encalmos speaks to the countless sunrises and sunsets, stories and adventures, triumphs and tribulations, they've encountered over their many many years. 

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