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My return to stage - The Jack Kerouac 100th anniversary show.

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I can only imagine the feeling is something liken to suddenly being submerged in dark murky waters. Perhaps it was a run away car careening into a raging river. Perhaps it was a ship sunken by the swell of a mighty storm. Irregardless the feeling is impossible to replicate. You don't drown as the icy waters rush into your lungs so much as your soul is suffocate by ravaging and unrelenting fear...

Fresh from the Kiln

Fresh from The Mystic Magic Jungle Introducing - Yoga Frogs 

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     We all know I love breaking stereotypes. And one of my all time most hated stereotypes is that all cannabis consumers are lazy stoners. In fact, at this point in life I'm one of the most active people on the face of the earth and I'm almost always medicated. In that spirit I wanted to create a new line that celebrated being active. Movement. Fitness. Dance. LIFE!

team fuck the algorithm 

     I've always been a fan of social media. Many times in my carrer it's allowed me to touch more people with my art than I ever dreamed possible. Unfortunately as we all know the meta verse of social media has become controlled and over run by Algorithms, Bots and Scams. None of which I can control. But what I can control is my own Email list. No worries, I have no intention to blast your inbox, but I do have plans for a short monthly newsletter so that you can keep in touch with my music, artistic creations and constant adventures. There's a lot of fun still to come, and I don't want you to miss out. So sign up and beat the Algorithm today. 

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