Announcing the first annual 33 1/3 Fan Appreciation Sale

It's my BIRTHDAY and this year I wanted to find a way to give back!!!

As a way to say thank you to all my amazing fans and supporters I've decided to launch a yearly clearance sale which will feature discounts and free giveaways of both my glass and music. I've teamed up with The Lookout Supply Shop (@LookoutSupply - 2573 Indianola Ave. Columbus Ohio) for this special offer and will be making daily announcements on my Instagram page (@AaronEvans720)

Thank you ALL for your ongoing support. This is just the tip of the Iceberg for what I have planned this year and I can't wait to get everyone laced up with some fly new Glass, Gear and Music!!!

As always keep the motto near you heart....


Shine on.

Brother AE


I'm Back.

     I'm Back.

Back to touching lives everyday in every way I can find possible.

Back to making art with friends all over the country.

Back to growing my locks.

Back to writing songs that fills others hearts with hope.

I'm Back to making glass that is both technically stunning and full of purpose and meaning.

Back to knowing just who the hell I am and what my place is in our worlds revolution.

Back to being a Lion who's ready to face any obstacle or foe forthcoming.

Back to being a King who remembers that leaders only exist to fight for the people not for their own personal gain.

I'm Back to prime physical shape for performing and pushing my artistic boundaries.

Back to fighting for my F.A.M. in its million incarnations.

Back to letting love lead.

Back to breathing.

Back to my center.

Back to being...ME.

     That said, I'm burning the forest down to allow for this new life.

Over the coming weeks I'll be debuting a new website and store fallowed by new music and merchandise shortly after.

I'm locked and loaded for the next grand adventure.

I apologize for my absence, but you can't preach Family Always Matters and then drop the ball in the FAM's darkest hour.

My parents are safe, my brother will find peace in this life or the next and I...

Am Back.

Back to being me and beyond ready to show you all that this lion has a lot of light left to share.

     We Are Rising, We Are One.

     Brother AE



MAJOR UPDATE! Aka "I'll put it in a song"

     Sooooooooo, fucking everything is new. Everything has died. And rebirth has FINALLY started to happen.

      First and foremost, I got the music studio back up and running, banged out 12 new track in two weeks, and am well on my way to having two new stellar albums come spring time. One is called "Hope Floats" and the other is called "Love = Hate, Hate = Love" BUT....
     Then my mic got jacked by my brother who sadly, has relapsed on Heroine. (Which for the moment, is all i'm going to say about my 3 month break from art, my life had been a living hell in which I'm still formulating the words to describe.) He'll either die or go to jail, I wait for the call about either daily.

      I quit my fucking lame job.

      Then I got a new job the next day, and a promotion on my 4th day.

      Then I got offered another promotion last week, and it looks as if a part time gig, may now become a major part of my life. My current job title is "Fun Guru" and I run an Entertainment department. It's very different but I think it's a good different. And well shit, I just say it, I fucking rock at my job. (Who knew I'm a customer service EXPERT!!!???)

       AND I've got back into the glass studio the last 4 weeks. (If for only a day a week) AND have come up with some super fresh new lines including a new Lion Implosion series. I'm hoping my new job will fund a new glass studio downtown. (Where I also plan to move soon.)

       One of my oldest friends moved back home, that rocks.

       I'm about to make the best art of my life.

       And I know it with every cell in my body.

       In fact I've lost 20 pounds and and feel trimmed up and ready for round 2.

       Lets go life,

       You ain't KO'd me yet.

       #WeAreRising #WeAreOne




Columbus Ohio Urban Scrawl 2016 (Photo Blog by Aaron Evans)

     It's been far more than 10 years since Columbus outgrew it's sleepy Midwest M.O. but this years Urban Scrawl reminded me just how far this city has continued to grow over the past decade. See, life's not just about resetting the bar once, it's about resetting the bar time and time again, and in my time back from California I've see that my hometown has done exactly that. Bustown's creative minds believe in living a life without ceilings or limitations and I'm forever grateful to be raised in such a progressive and forward thinking environment.


      Urban Scrawl is dope and glad I made it down and endured the heat just long enough to grab some shots of the weekends offerings. Mad props to all the artists, organizers, and volunteers involved, your all part of what makes Columbus awesome! (I got most of your names, feel free to email me about omissions.) 

     Till next time keep the motto near your heart!

     #WeAreRising #WeAreOne

     Shine on,

     Brother AE



New line to the One Tribe collection "The Mystics" available now.

Introducing "The Mystics"

This line is for the Shaman, Profits, Sages and Healers. 
For the Yogis, Monks and Energy Seekers.
For those reaching for a higher ethereal spiritual plane.
You are the Mystics and you hold the keys to unlock the universe!

All pieces available unless noted. 

Email for purchase and look for my new online store soon.  

 (***Not For Sale***)

Check back soon for new additions to the One Tribe collection and remember to always keep the motto near your heart We Are Rising, We Are One!
One Tribe.

Shine on

Brother AE


Introducing The One Tribe Collection "The Dreamers"

I have so many plans for this powerful series. 
Yet, in the simple since, the title says it all. 
If We Are Rising 
and We Are One 
then it's entailed that We Are ONE TRIBE!!!

Stop back soon for new drops and details about where I'm heading with this, trust me, it's gonna be some of my best work yet. 

email me at aaronevansimagination@yahoo.com for orders. 

And with that, there's work to be done!!!

Keep Shining. 

Brother AE


Brand New Astral Travelers, Solar System and Living Lanterns now available at Headies Hideout in Columbus Ohio.

Make sure to stop by Headies Hideout 114 Parsons Ave Columbus Ohio to see some of my Brand New glass work. This Astral Traveler may be my favorite piece to date and I'm excited that a local shop picked it up, these cats have great taste and I can say without doubt that a solid representation  of my work is now being displayed on their shelfs. 

In other news I have some super exciting new lines of glass on the way and maybe, just maybe another album before the end of the year. (Hope Floats???)

THANK YOU ALL for your ongoing support. I couldn't do any of this without each and every one of you!!!

If I'm ever absent for a week or two, no worries, I'm just busting my ass in the studio and gym. 

Remember the #Run2016 theme is #AllHeartNoHype and I'm just getting starting with making noise this year. ;)

Till next time keep the motto near your heart

#WeAreRising #WeAreOne

Shine on

Brother AE


Beautiful Disaster and F.A.M. are now on iTunes, Spotify and all digital media outlets!!!

Click the image below to purchase Beautiful Disaster on iTunes Today!!!

And make sure to Add Beautiful Disaster to your Spotify playlist

Please keep sharing this light with everyone you can on social media and perhaps even more importantly IN REAL LIFE!!! Connect with someone, have a moment, bond over this shit. It's OK to have a real conversation, cross my heart. 

Speaking of hearts, always keep the motto near yours 

#WeAreRising #WeAreOne

Shine on,

Brother AE