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Introducing Yoga Frogs!

We all know I love breaking stereotypes. And one of my all time most hated stereotypes is that all cannabis consumers are lazy stoners. In fact, at this point in life I'm one of the most active people on the face of the earth and I'm almost always medicated. In that spirit I wanted to create a new line that celebrated being active. Movement. Fitness. Dance. LIFE!!!

And well, just look at this little dude rocking the fuck out of Sun Salutation. Leaping from the screen with an abundance of gratitude and grip of good vibes. He's just happy to be alive and radiates that infectious energy. Needless to say these fellas are a little more challenging to make so I would only expect to see a few pop up every year, but man am I excited where this line is heading.

Ohhhh, and don't think I'm just gonna make Yoga Frogs. Noooo, no, no, no..... I've already stared to dial in Big Cats, Bears and a few other jungles critters that will be joining the party in The Mystic Magic jungle very soon.

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