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One Tribe

One Heart - One Beat - One Tribe 

     In a world saturated in separation, disillusionment and a distilled value for the beauty of our differences, an uprising of spirt is not only expected, but acts as a natural necessity in restoring balance and stability to society. From darkness, must come the light. From disconnection, must come unity. From stagnation, new movements are birthed. And thus, we arrive at the origins of The One Tribe, conceived in the depths of The Mystic Magic Jungle, in a not so distant future, where people have returned to a life lived in community with the Higher Plain, Mother Earth and their fellow man (and woman). 

     diversity is paramount within the One Tribe. Though every member is granted equal opportunity to pursue a life of happiness safety and spirit, the notion that its member's strengths & weakness, their differences, are its greatest asset, is what truly sets The One Tribe aside from past fallen civilizations. Accordingly, the members of The One Tribe are represented by an ever growing variation of aesthetic manifestations. Dreamers give homeage to the artists, innovators and engineers within The Tribe, while Scrappers offer a tip of the hat to those with blue collars and golden hearts. Elders, Warriors, Mystics -simply scroll below, and find your place in The One Tribe today.

One Tribe, Glassblowing, Aaron Evans, Boro
One Tribe, Glassblowing, Aaron Evans, Boro
One Tribe, Glassblowing, Aaron Evans, Boro
One Tribe, Glassblowing, Aaron Evans, Boro
One Tribe, Glassblowing, Aaron Evans, Boro
One Tribe, Glassblowing, Aaron Evans, Boro
One Tribe, Glassblowing, Aaron Evans, Boro
One Tribe Banner SITE.jpg
One Tribe Banner 2.jpg

    Over the course of 18 months threw countless hours of trail and error, success and failure, and the combined efforts of my entire 20 year artistic carrer, I created an offering unlike anything it's predecessor. ONE TRIBE, the first ever music video to combine stop motion animation with glass sculpture. I would estimate I have over 1000 total hours into this project. I’ve never worn more hats at once. Emcee, Director, Set Designer, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Glassblower, Script Writer, Video Editor, MADMAN! I’ve often referred to myself as an artistic decathlete, this is my dissertation to back that statement. I didn’t know how to blow glass, nor know if I could even use glass in the stop motion medium when I originally spawned this idea. But innovation isn’t birth from certainty, but it’s polar opposite, the unknown, the unexplored, the unimagined. I dove into the abyss with absolute disregard for what others told me I could or couldn't accomplish, and produced the nearly impossible, a truly unique and original artistic creation.

Introducing the first ever glassmation short film "One Tribe"

*Disclaimer: All functional glass subject to applicable state laws.  

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The One Tribe Collection

One Tribe Grower Momma 1-3.jpg
One Tribe Grower Papa 1-2.jpg
One Tribe Grower Seed 1-4.jpg
One Tribe Grower Blue 1-4.jpg
One Tribe Scrapper Swirls.jpg
One Tribe ME 1-1.jpg
Scrapper Mystic in Blue 1-2.jpg
One Tribe Seed Red 1-2.jpg
One Tribe Night Wookie Red 1-3.jpg
One Tribe Seed Warrior 1-1.jpg
Warrior Seed White 1-1.jpg
One Tribe Purple Seed 1-2.jpg
Scrapper Mystic Beigh meets Blue.jpg
One Tribe Scrapper Shift 1-2.jpg
One Tribe Scrapper King 1-1.jpg
One Tribe Worker Red & Black.jpg
One Tribe Scrapper Biggie 1-1.jpg
One Tribe Scapper Marron 1-2.jpg
One Tribe Elder Carmel and Green.jpg
One Tribe Ocean Green Elder 1-4.jpg
One Tribe Elder Peach 1-2.jpg
One Tribe BlueV Elder 1-3.jpg
One Tribe Elder Green Orange Black 1-2.j
One Tribe Red Elder 1-3.jpg
One Tribe Dread Yellow 1-1.jpg
One Tribe Dread Green and Black 1-3.jpg
One Tribe Dread Illum 1-3.jpg
One Tribe Mystic Small 1-1.jpg
One Tribe Green Mystic 1-2.jpg
One Tribe Mystic Large 1-2 copy.jpg
One Tribe Wind 1-3.jpg
One Tribe Scrapper Mystic 1-2.jpg
One Tribe Blooming 1-3.jpg
One Tribe Amber Warrior 1-3.jpg
One Tribe Warrior Carmel 1-1.jpg
One Tribe Warrior Arrow 1-4.jpg
One Tribe Warrior Sunrise 1-2.jpg
One Tribe Mother 1-4.jpg
One Tribe Warrior Tall 1-1.jpg
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