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about dreamers 

characteristics If every idea starts with a dream, then it's only logical to assume that The One Tribe itself  also started with spark deep within in the imagination of a Dreamer. Each glass implosion seen within the mind of a Dreamer signifies a brilliant piece of art ready to leap from an artisans workshop, a lifesaving medical breakthrough, a design for a cleaner source of energy, a blueprint for a brighter tomorrow, or a bubbling notion of hope ready to break the surface and redefine the world as we know it. 

Each and every idea, manifestation, or innovation starts with a dream. Dreamers create the world around them, sending vibrations across the universe which transform physical and spiritual planes, through thought and intention. They are the architects of existence, undaunted by limitations and skepticism, laughing in the face of defeat and warning their adversaries and failures to be prepared to meet again. Dreamers believe with every cell in their being that the impossible is possible and that our world's next evolution is being stired within their soul. Are you a Dreamer? If so, welcome to your place in the Tribe. 

One Heart - One Beat - One Tribe 

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