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about workers

One Heart - One Beat - One Tribe 

"we all work, we all struggle, we all bend our backs backward trying not to burst the bubble. We all pray, we all hustle, throwing set after set, trying to rep with some muscle!" No words have ever been more true. WE All WORK!!! The One Tribe, as with all societies, has a distinct order to its chaos, each piece as intrical as the next to ensure the colonies survival. If there's one member within The One Tribe each and every personal can relate to, it's the Worker. Dreamers work, Mystics work, Warriors work, Scrappers work; there is simply no escape. Work is instrumental to a prosperous existence for both the individual and the larger group as a whole. From blue collar to white collar, from subway station to board room, WE All WORK. For work, is a prerequisite, of survival.

characteristics A hive only thrives due to the endless, often overlooked and under-appreciated efforts of the humble honey bee. Yet within The One Tribe, this trait has the highest honor, for without strong mortar, the sturdiest brick will fall. Workers are simple, each one proudly rocking a honeycomb in solidarity with their kindred spirit, the humble honey bee. Workers have no time to wax poetic, so we won't either. We All Work. Next subject. 

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