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about mystics 

One Heart - One Beat - One Tribe 

if two minds are better than one, than three eyes are better than two. Unfortunately only a select few ever learn how to truly use this gift sent directly from the gods. Mystics understand that prayers, meditations, mantras, and manifestations operate more as sibling within a spiritual family, rather than competing doctrines. From astrel traveling to church pews, Mystics are dedicated to the ideology that a life lived in accordance with the higher plane, is a life fulfilled with purpose. Mystics harness energy effortlessly, commanding unexplainable and magical forces with the flick of their wrist and the tip of their tongue. They are the ethereal ones, spirits sent from distant corners of the universe to help others within the Tribe unlock the doorways to enlightenment. 

characteristics If you could look into the mind of a Shaman, a Monk, a Mystic, you would find a whirling dervish of spiritual energy swirling from the base of their spine, threw their crown chakra, then skyrocketing towards the heavens. This sacred process is the defining characteristic of each Mystic, openly sharing it's divine connection threw a window to the soul.   

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