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about dreads

One Heart - One Beat - One Tribe 

Have you ever looked at the horns of a ram or the antlers of a deer & marveled at their ethereal natural beauty? Sat in awe of the meticulously sculpted artistic abstractions crowned atop these majestic creatures? There is an energy radiating from within, a glowing aura of confidence surrounding every step, tapped into the limericks the jungle winds whisper. Yet perhaps more importantly, did you know this same naturalistic potential lies dormant within each of us? Are you aware that hair and fingernails are made of the same sacred stardust that horns and antlers are? If so, your probably a Dread. 

characteristics Adorned with nature's unbridled graffiti, each Dread features a unique horn or rack representing how when one allows themselves to return their natural primal form, they carrying antennas attuned to the Gods. There's an old proverb about those who carve wood spirits: the artisan isn't actually creating the sculpture, but removing the extra unnecessary layers to expose the beauty and energy that already exists within.  Dreads, perhaps more so than any other member of The One Tribe speak to this truth, as they call out to the creator, to be unique artistic incarnations of the universe. 

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