Aaron Evans Feat. Generik "We All Work" 
(Trolly Show Remix)

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Aaron Evans "I've Been Blessed"

     "There's a lot to like about this track and this vid. It's mellow; more mellow than I usually like, but it's such a noble song. The spirit of the song is strong. I mean call me a sucka, but I love that this track is soaked in positivity! Oh, and the commentary at the end just solidifies it all.
Hip hoppers, we are all blessed; embrace it." -Indy Hip Hop World

     "My skeptical/cynical/pessimistic side would call this a little over-serious and kinda corny. BUT it’s a testament to how good he is as a writer and as a rapper that he could win me over despite myself. He’s gotta be one of the most fundamentally sound rap writers in San Diego right now. The dude knows how to execute the hell out of an idea." -SD Raps

     "One of our favorite artists, Aaron Evans, has just released the debut single and video, “I’ve Been Blessed” from his upcoming album F.A.M. OnStage viewers will remember that we also featured one of his earlier videos; “Jazz Is Freedom” which we thought was artistically and stylistically very sharp. This video also lives up to that description with a positive message and spiritual hip hop imagery that showcases both his fertile graphic imagination and his impeccably nuanced flow. It’s a candlelight vigil to positivity that pays the ultimate tribute to his fans. Aaron Evans is a gifted artist who’s put years into refining his craft. He’s the founder and president of Dove Ink Records, founder of the Green Brothers, a poet and author, a frequent contributor to numerous online and print publications, and a yoga enthusiast. He’s got a style of his own which is why we appreciate and salute him." - ONSTAGE DC

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Aaron Evans Feat. Real J Wallace and Sojourn "Look at California"
Produced by Beatsmith Resist

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Illogic "I'm Only A Drop" Produced by Aaron Evans

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