I'm Back.

     I'm Back.

Back to touching lives everyday in every way I can find possible.

Back to making art with friends all over the country.

Back to growing my locks.

Back to writing songs that fills others hearts with hope.

I'm Back to making glass that is both technically stunning and full of purpose and meaning.

Back to knowing just who the hell I am and what my place is in our worlds revolution.

Back to being a Lion who's ready to face any obstacle or foe forthcoming.

Back to being a King who remembers that leaders only exist to fight for the people not for their own personal gain.

I'm Back to prime physical shape for performing and pushing my artistic boundaries.

Back to fighting for my F.A.M. in its million incarnations.

Back to letting love lead.

Back to breathing.

Back to my center.

Back to being...ME.

     That said, I'm burning the forest down to allow for this new life.

Over the coming weeks I'll be debuting a new website and store fallowed by new music and merchandise shortly after.

I'm locked and loaded for the next grand adventure.

I apologize for my absence, but you can't preach Family Always Matters and then drop the ball in the FAM's darkest hour.

My parents are safe, my brother will find peace in this life or the next and I...

Am Back.

Back to being me and beyond ready to show you all that this lion has a lot of light left to share.

     We Are Rising, We Are One.

     Brother AE


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