MAJOR UPDATE! Aka "I'll put it in a song"

     Sooooooooo, fucking everything is new. Everything has died. And rebirth has FINALLY started to happen.

      First and foremost, I got the music studio back up and running, banged out 12 new track in two weeks, and am well on my way to having two new stellar albums come spring time. One is called "Hope Floats" and the other is called "Love = Hate, Hate = Love" BUT....
     Then my mic got jacked by my brother who sadly, has relapsed on Heroine. (Which for the moment, is all i'm going to say about my 3 month break from art, my life had been a living hell in which I'm still formulating the words to describe.) He'll either die or go to jail, I wait for the call about either daily.

      I quit my fucking lame job.

      Then I got a new job the next day, and a promotion on my 4th day.

      Then I got offered another promotion last week, and it looks as if a part time gig, may now become a major part of my life. My current job title is "Fun Guru" and I run an Entertainment department. It's very different but I think it's a good different. And well shit, I just say it, I fucking rock at my job. (Who knew I'm a customer service EXPERT!!!???)

       AND I've got back into the glass studio the last 4 weeks. (If for only a day a week) AND have come up with some super fresh new lines including a new Lion Implosion series. I'm hoping my new job will fund a new glass studio downtown. (Where I also plan to move soon.)

       One of my oldest friends moved back home, that rocks.

       I'm about to make the best art of my life.

       And I know it with every cell in my body.

       In fact I've lost 20 pounds and and feel trimmed up and ready for round 2.

       Lets go life,

       You ain't KO'd me yet.

       #WeAreRising #WeAreOne



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