Columbus Ohio Urban Scrawl 2016 (Photo Blog by Aaron Evans)

     It's been far more than 10 years since Columbus outgrew it's sleepy Midwest M.O. but this years Urban Scrawl reminded me just how far this city has continued to grow over the past decade. See, life's not just about resetting the bar once, it's about resetting the bar time and time again, and in my time back from California I've see that my hometown has done exactly that. Bustown's creative minds believe in living a life without ceilings or limitations and I'm forever grateful to be raised in such a progressive and forward thinking environment.


      Urban Scrawl is dope and glad I made it down and endured the heat just long enough to grab some shots of the weekends offerings. Mad props to all the artists, organizers, and volunteers involved, your all part of what makes Columbus awesome! (I got most of your names, feel free to email me about omissions.) 

     Till next time keep the motto near your heart!

     #WeAreRising #WeAreOne

     Shine on,

     Brother AE


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