Brand New Astral Travelers, Solar System and Living Lanterns now available at Headies Hideout in Columbus Ohio.

Make sure to stop by Headies Hideout 114 Parsons Ave Columbus Ohio to see some of my Brand New glass work. This Astral Traveler may be my favorite piece to date and I'm excited that a local shop picked it up, these cats have great taste and I can say without doubt that a solid representation  of my work is now being displayed on their shelfs. 

In other news I have some super exciting new lines of glass on the way and maybe, just maybe another album before the end of the year. (Hope Floats???)

THANK YOU ALL for your ongoing support. I couldn't do any of this without each and every one of you!!!

If I'm ever absent for a week or two, no worries, I'm just busting my ass in the studio and gym. 

Remember the #Run2016 theme is #AllHeartNoHype and I'm just getting starting with making noise this year. ;)

Till next time keep the motto near your heart

#WeAreRising #WeAreOne

Shine on

Brother AE

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