Beautiful Disaster the Sophomore LP from Aaron Evans is OUT NOW!!!

     Beautiful Disaster the Sophomore LP from Aaron Evans is OUT NOW!!!!

     This is a resurrection, a rebirth, a return to true form; This is Aaron at his best, pure emotions ripped from the depths of his soul and manifested into infectious flows over hypnotic Hip Hop heaters. From Bustown to So Cal Aaron has refined his craft and is poised to touch the world once again with words of hope, empathy and resolve.
     In short......Fuck the hype, this is music from the heart!!!

     But Aaron's not alone this time, he brought some of the FAM along for the fun this go round. Featuring Underground Hip Hop legends Illogic, Sojourn, Nomis, Orko, Jimmy Powers and Number Man and beats from the mad scientist himself Mr. Ridley Beautiful Disaster contains a sonic landscape incomparable to any other modern Hip Hop offering.

     And with that, it's time to hit play and float away into this musical Neverland.

     Keep sharing this with all your friend and FAM on social media and till next time keep screaming the motto from the top of your lungs

     #WeAreRising #WeAreOne

     Brother AE

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