Welcome to Chapter Two. Updates on New Videos, New Glass and My New Album Beautiful Disaster!!!

     For some time now I've been rebuilding, retooling and reworking the foundation of my soul. As many of you know I've slowly walked to hell and back over the last few years enduring surgeries, homelessness and heartache on multiple levels, yet unquestionably I have returned a lion reborn. I'm stronger, healthier and more balanced than at any other point of life. I'm driven, focused, and feel almost unstoppable. Everything is new, everything except my focus and aim to affect positive change threw my artistic offerings. Ladies and Gentlemen, Chapter 2 is about to pick up steam, and a lot of fun and exciting creative adventures are on the horizon. 

     You may have noticed that I've already dropped two in videos in support of my sophomore album "Beautiful Disaster". If you haven't check them out yet make sure to give them a spin and share them with The F.A.M. and on all your social media. "Stronger" is my new personal anthem of resection and growth while "Night Wookie" is a visual masterpiece that screams out for CHANGE in our crazy world. Both pieces where filmed in conjunction with Flowline Media a quickly rising entity in the bustling Columbus music and art scene. Look for weekly updates involving Beautiful Disaster, including New Videos, the unveiling of the album cover by the amazing Sean Dietrich, Release Show Details, Guest Features and a few other surprises.


     I also recently released "Mic Check 1-2" [In Plain Black and White] a powerful spoken word piece about the ongoing police violence plaguing our country.

     Lastly but certainly not least is my new lines of borosilicate glass I'll be debuting over the coming weeks. Featuring both functional and non-functional art my new lines aim to capture the unique moments of madness and magic which hides beneath the surface of glass blowing. Some lines aim to capture the flow of a beautiful female form, others strive to mirror the melodic movements found in nature or the fluidity of graffiti. The first line I'll be debuting are called "Genie Bottles" and you'll find that as you exhale from one of these stunning pieces, your wish is granted as worries float away and you get lifted. Accompanying the "Genie Bottles" is a new limited line of "Quills and Arrows" which have been a staple during my time being the torch.

(***Pipes are 18+)

(***Pipes are 18+)

     Check back often as I will be having DAILY glass drops over the coming months and weekly updates leading up to the release of Beautiful Disaster.

       Till next time, keep a finger to the sky and the motto in your heart.

       #WeAreRising #WeAreOne
       Your brother.
       Aaron Evans.

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