*NEW* "Mic Check 1-2 (Is This Thing On?!?!)" By Aaron Evans [In Plain Black and White] presented by Dove Ink Records and Flowline Media

     In Plain Black and White is a new acoustic music video series presented by Dove Ink Records and Flowline Media focusing on pertinent modern era social and political issues. Isolating the artist as to intensify the power of their words literally In Plain and White allows the viewer to truly partake in the raw emotion and message of the artist. 
     Mic Check 1-2 (Is This Thing On?!?!) by Aaron Evans kicks the series off ferociously addressing the exponentially increasing police killings across America. Displaying the American Flag upside-down as an S.O.S. to ourselves and the surrounding world Aaron recites a haunting piece scripted the night after a Station Island Grand Jury's decision not to indict Eric Garner's murderer.

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     Flowline Media & Dove Ink Records. 

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