#NewMusicMonday "Breathe" by Illogic and Aaron Evans from The Dove Ink Sessions

I made this beat roughly 10 years ago while having my heart ripped out on valentines day and then Illogic penned his verses several day later dealing with similar heartache.

It's fitting that this song is released today because I'm really at a axis point of emotionally, mentally and spiritually breaking. I need to breathe. The last two weeks have cost me thousands of dollars in unexpected BS, I lost all my data, I'm moving in a month, I can't sleep in my own bed… I'm just not even sure how I'm holding on. I need to yell, I need to cry, I need to breathe…

Anyway, I can't even gather my thoughts enough to really sum up how dead I feel inside right now. I'm still putting on foot in front of the other, but if something doesn't change quick, I don't know how many more steps I have in me.

So if you want to see just how deep and dark the rabbit hole gets, hit play now… This song is beautifully painful in a way I may never recreate. (Then again, perhaps it's right around the corner.)

Ladies and gents… We give you…. "Breathe" by ILLOGIC and Aaron Evans Music from The Dove Ink Sessions and #NewMusicMonday.

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