I Get Lifted by The Green Brothers (Aaron Evans & DJ Inform) hits 40,000 plays!!!

***Before we go any further, if you've never smoked a NUG, without any papers, wraps or glass...
Stop everything your doing and hit play now!!!
(Trust me on this one...)

     Now, I'm not sure about you, but I GET LIFTED! Marijuana, be it for medical, spiritual or recreational purposes has played a vita role in my life for the last 13 years. I've adamantly stood for it's legalization both threw my music and as an activist the bulk of my adult life. I've scripted songs, lead rallies, sat at phone banks, donated design work, spoke at city council meetings and wrote articles in support of my stance. Let me be very clear, for all my new fans who may have a more conservative view on the subject, I would not be as functioning a member of our society and world if not for Marijuana. Every line i've ever penned, every beat I've ever made, every good dead done, has been while medicated on the sacred herb, PERIOD. END OF STORY. If my art has touched you, know that Marijuana is what allowed me to press forward to do so. Prohibition is coming to an end and I hope soon enough the silly, pointless and uneducated stigmas which have vilified my culture will be nothing more than a bad memory from the past.

     Anyway, as most of you know, musically, the main platform I've used to support Marijuana is my side group The Green Brothers. Now, The Green Brothers have been around since 05/06 but when I moved to California it marked a re-launching of the group. I had switched from production to vocal's and I brought in DJ Inform (Burn One) to take over the beats. It was a completely new formula and I was excited to see how our new sound was received by our old fans and the community in my new city, San Diego.

     When I touched down I knew we had a hit with I Get Lifted and I knew that I had never seen anything like the NUG trick before. So I teamed up with Chad P and Trichrome Healing Collective to make my first ever music video. (Or at least one that I stared in.) None of us really knew what we where doing and using a $200 camera, $200 in meds and a bank account full of hope, the I Get Lifted video was born. It may not be the best video in the history of man kind but the final product connected. I always say as an artist you have to start somewhere and I'm proud that I Get Lifted was my first step toward becoming a video director. The songs uplifting vibe is perfect to just sit back and kick it to, not to mention the NUG trick has gone on to become somewhat of a folk legend. At least one or twice a months someone comes up to me and says, "Did you really smoke that whole thing?"

     Today I Get Lifted hit 40,000 plays which is damn respectable in underground music so I thought it was worth nothing. I often say every step must be appreciated along an epic journey and this step puts me another inch closer to reaching the apex of my personal goals. I can't wait to see this and all my video climb to 100k and beyond as we've seen with We All Work so please keep sharing this great track and concept with all your GREEN FAM... Let's show the world WE ALL GET LIFTED!!! (All we ask is that you respect how we get down...)

      You all rock!!!

      Shine on...


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