We All Work by Aaron Evans and Generik on the front page of UPWORTHY Keep spreading the light!!!

Yesterday, I could feel a buzz in the air. You always know when something bigger is going down. Around 8 I got a tweet that We All Work had been posted on UPWORTH a super progressive and very popular news site online. Next thing I know We All Work jumps 8,000 hits overnight and is getting the second wind I hoped it would.

I'm thrilled that this is all going down. I'm sticking to my goal of a million hit this year and I really need all your support to get there... We're well past the half point mark at this point and I know with the FAM behind me, anything is possible...

Please share the video, if you shared before then share again, tag friends, forward, like, etc, etc, etc...

We have 40 days to get the job done... WE ALL WORK right????

Click HERE to visit UPWORTHY today. and send them feedback on social media telling them you want more Aaron Evans Music!!!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart and mad love to Melissa Gilkey for writing the article. 


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