Lucid Daydreams and Loose Wires Entry 3.0 - Lead, Fallow, or Fuck Off.

      So I'm gonna keep todays entry short because I have a shit ton of work to do and I need to keep my eyes on the prize. Several random thoughts.

A. I'm going to start a separate blog for all this. I think it's good to share but I'm a bit worried about over cluttering my home site. So yeah, I hope by the end of the month to have that rolling.

B. I'm ABSOLUTELY done working with anyone artistically who isn't 150% dedicated to there craft. If you have a hobby that cool, mad love to that, but this is my job, don't step to me about a song, a show, or much of anything creative without keeping that in mind. Same goes for activism, to many people try to do the bare minimum for the maximum glory. If that's you, you suck, and you need to clear the road for people with a fire in their eyes.

C. I bought a BUTTON CUTTER!!! I know that's not that exciting to you but it's going to save me hour and hours of life so I'm fucking hype about that. AND, that means new buttons are on the way soon!!!

D. Train Of Thought here in San Diego ROCKS!!! Gill Sotu (Whom I made MOVEMENT with) DJ Redlight and Konstant Be hold shit down every time. Could be 30 people there, could be 300, but it's gonna be a healing and healthy experience every time. I went to see my sister Stacy Ardis Dyson do a feature last night and she was wonderful. This is one bad ass lady right here folks. Make sure to check her work out. I'm honored to have each of these people in the F.A.M. If your ever in the So Cal area on a night this is going down make it a point to catch this unique and special night.

E. I said I was going to keep today short so I'm gonna cut my long winded ass off here so I can set up my new printer. (YEEEEEAH, got a printer too... Time to get this battle station fully functional again.) Hope this find everyone with love and light in their hearts.

We are Rising, We are ONE!!!


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