Aaron Evans Journal Entry for November 4th 2013: One Step at a time. (Becoming A King Part 1 "Final Days" Reaches 1000 plays.)

      When climbing a mountain every single step counts along the way. Two months ago I kicked off the Becoming A King video series with somewhat high expectations. Coming off the We All Work's viral explosion I was hoping for the similar results. Alas, I got a touch ahead of myself and was reminded exactly of what Becoming A King is all about, putting in work until I ultimately reach my goals. This past weekend part 1 Final Days hit 1000 plays and though that a bit slow for my liking  I do know this. Right now, at this very moment, I still believe in this project with my whole heart and feel confident that if I say the course as I did with We All Work, in time, the world will see just how innovative this endeavor really is. I love parts 1 and 2, BUT, there only just the beginning. Part 3 will blow your mind and each edition will only get more and more powerful. It looks as if the amazing Pixel and Arek are along for the ride and you'll get to meet more of the FAM during this voyage for sure.
     Thank you to everyone who has covered and shared the series thus far. PLEASE KEEP SHARING THIS and all my creative endeavors on your social media and with friends and family in your day to day life. The internet is vital but I'm also really trying to take things back to grass roots promotion in 2014 with the kick off of the F.A.M. Analog and Digital Street Teams. (Details coming soon.)
     Outside of music some new developments are coming to light about my future as both a writer with SKUNK and director for ??? (You'll have to wait and see), not to mention that 2014 promises more touring than ever now that I've signed on with Skyrocket Entertainment. I've also decided to step back from Social Media for a while and focus more on my site and keeping a daily journal online. From day to say I may talk about anything from love to art to where my emotionally manic head is at that day.  I just know I want to document more of this madness. So stay tuned. Every corner has a new blossom waiting to bloom.

    Today I'm in a great mood, woke up early, cleaned the house, did my emails and have a full day planed of work, health and fun. I'm still in some pain from surgery but I'm just going to work threw it. New Aaron can't sit ideal, constant self improvement is a must.

     Till tomorrow, WE are RISING, WE are ONE!!!

     Shine on,

     Your brother A.E.

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