Aaron Evans signs on with Sky Rocket Entertainment's (International) tour booking roster.

     Ladies and Gentlemen I have some incredibly exciting news. This is a BIG!!!
     This past weekend while I was in San Fran for the Nor Cal Secret Cup I accepted an offer to join Sky Rocket Entertainment's (International) booking roster along with Dub FX and several other super dope artist. For all my fans around the world this is the news you've been waiting to hear, 2014 promises to bring a dramatic increase of shows, festivals, tours and collage appearances. I want to stay focused on the world wide picture and Sky Rockets (Based out of Canada.) feels like the perfect place to do so. For several reasons I decided that this would be who I teamed with to reach the next plateau in my career. They've proven they can break acts overseas, their still growing with a focus on quality above quantity, and they book for groups that I feel are in a similar lane to me. PLUS, Josh the founder has just the right type of demeanor for the job. Confident and calm. Poised and driven. To the point, still always polite.
      This is the first time I've had a booking agent since I went solo and hopefully this will help me keep sprinting toward my dreams. I truly have no idea what expect but the plans always been to shoot for the stars and hitching a ride on a Sky Rocket seems like a good way to get there. I'll still need each and everyone of your's support spreading the word, coming out to shows, and purchasing merchandise to help raise money for a new tour vehicle.
       Thank you ALL for helping me get this far in my career and cultivating this message. We are RISING, We are ONE.

        Click HERE to read view the official announcement on there site. 

       Stay tuned for more exciting updates over the coming months. In 2014, it's time to crash threw this glass ceiling once and for all!!!

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