Laceface "Running With A Goddess" by Aaron Evans in SKUNK Magazine ON STANDS NOW!!!

     (Taken from SKUNK Magazine Volume 9 Issue 3)
     "As I stepped away from my shadowed front door it was impossible to ignore that the sun was exceptionally vibrant this morning, almost playful, rejoicing in the arrival of spring. Flowers so colorful, you’ve swear the sidewalks where singing. Ocean air so crisp, it’s ions chipped away the winter’s rust from one’s soul. Palm trees standing so tall, it was almost as if they where propping up the sky. The whole So Cal shebang with a pretty bow on top.

      Smoke circles casually swirled as I stood soaking in the glorious atmosphere. Besides the natural beauty in which I was swaddled, the neighborhood was relatively still, almost silent. Suddenly a jogger rounding the corner with a young miniature schnauzer pup in tow seized my peripheral vision’s attention. She was cute, but here in SD that’s hardly a rarity, unquestionably something more drew my gaze. She obviously wasn’t out for the fashionable “I want to look fit for summer season” jaunt. Each step was extremely determined, with perfect form that only comes from strict regiment. Still it was equally apparent that she was no professional athlete, it just didn’t fit the vibe. Her stride contained far to much raw poise, almost as if she was preparing to roar. A raging look in her eyes focused intently forward resulting from inner compulsion. An obsession. She wasn’t training or trimming up for the beach, this woman was at work, and I could tell that whatever she was sprinting toward she was bound to get.
      As she grew closer the buckets of perspiration on her brow only confirmed my suspicions, nobody goes that hard unless there’s an underlying objective. Her feet pounded against the concrete thunderous as she passed by, our eyes meeting for a momentary glance only long enough to convey a courteous smile, still the exchange impacted me, it said “I have a million miles behind me and a million miles to go, I have no time to slow from my goals.” Then as the quickly as she came, she was gone.
      As the sound of her pace passed into the distance a look of utter confusion covered my face. You know the look, it’s somewhere between a light bulb going off internally and sucking on a whole orchard of lemons simultaneously.  Something was all too familiar about that girl. My expression shrunk into a shriveled contemplation trying to place the mysterious figure, and then it hit me.
      Was that fucking LACEFACE???" 

                                    "Her Majesty' By Laceface 2013
      Ladies and Gentlemen I've been waiting to bring you this one for a looooooong time. Not only is this the most words I've ever scripted for one piece, but it's also centered around one of my favorite artist in the world, LACEFACE GLASS!!! As you can guess from the intro above this article has been the most out of the box experience I've had since starting Perpetual Motion. Over the last 6 months I've grown to know Lacey St. George Aka Laceface as both an artist and friend leading to, what I consider to be, one of the best articles I've ever written. I've wanted to cover Lace since the first time I saw her work 3 years ago and the experience has been unique, challenging and blessed.  
     Don't miss this one, on all levels it's a epic adventure. The words flow like the song of a violin, the story sings the words of the warrior and the glass is nothing short of absolutely phenomenal.
     Till next time, keep the fire burning. You know I will.



      P.S. At the end of the article I talk of a song by Aesop Rock titled "No Regrets". You'll have to read the article to see how it ties in but for those of you visiting my site after reading the article here it is. It's a song I've loved for a long time and I think it's pretty neat it found it's way into the mix. 

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