Cheeba Chews "Resetting The (Candy) Bar by Aaron Evans in SKUNK Magazine ON STANDS NOW!!!

         (Excerpt taken from SKUNK Magazine Volume 9 Issue 3)
      "I didn’t exactly pack granny in the wagon, risk a rattlesnake's wrath, stumble past tumbleweeds and stop to hunt buffalo along the way to obtain my medical marijuana card, yet in a modern essence my experience was only a stones throw away from that familiar American tale. I ripped my life from it's foundation, threw caution to the wind and forged into unknown paths as my world had reached an impasse; acquiring my doctor's recommendation was no longer a choice, but a necessity. Between crippling mental unrest (think of a bus full of monkeys hurling around the rings of Saturn at the speed of light) and chronic physical ailments (several displaced disks, a abdominal hernia and a cyst in a let’s just say, “very uncomfortable part of the male anatomy”), I unquestionably required pharmaceutical grade cannabis. Needless to say I take medicating pretty damn seriously and the last three and a half years have experienced the freedom to explore infinite strains and methods that cater to my unique conditions. From tinctures, vaporizers, dabs, doobies and dug outs, to procuring a giant nug, rolling it in my hands and taking it to the dome, I tell you I’ve done sampled a serendipitous smorgasborgh of sweet sinsemella. But recently I’ve had the unexpected pleasure of being introduced to a product that’s just a touch sweeter than anything else I’ve perused, Cheeba Chews."

     I don't have a lot extra to say about Cheeba Chews outside of what I wrote in the article except this. TRY A CHEEBA CHEW TODAY!!! They have completely changed my outlook on the potential of edibles and have become a staple on my medicine cabinet. I literally use them all the time.


Mad love to all my SKUNK F.A.M.

Shine on.


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