"Becoming A King" parts 1 and 2 by Aaron Evans OUT NOW!!!

      Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends and F.A.M., Dreamers and Deviants, Madmen and Rebels...

       It is with great pride I present you with the first two installments "Final Days" and "Roar" from my new performance art video series "Becoming A King".


      Seven years ago I made a beat which I titled "Who's The King Of The Jungle". Instantaneously I knew the release of that track would be a pivotal moment in my life. It's my favorite beat, I ever have, and probably every will, make. For years I've waited for just the right time and idea to present itself and 9 months ago the moment arose. A SIX part video series with two accompanying albums and a slew of twists and turns planed for along the adventure. Part 1 and 2 will be made available as a FREE promotional single and display the artistic birth (The sketch)  and growth (The refinement) of me becoming the graffiti lion. Parts 3 and 4 will be on my forthcoming solo album "Beautiful Disaster" and will bring to light specific issue I feel need addressed in our world.  Parts 5 and 6, the climax of our journey, will be from the full LP version of "Who's The King Of The Jungle." and will leave people speechless. (I guarantee it.)  The whole voyage will unfold over the next 12 to 18 months and I'm busting with excitement to share all this new art and music with you. Each video is more and more artistically complex and the message it sends leaves no room for apologies or regrets. Time to push all the ships in the center of the table and see how this hand unfolds.

      I have all sorts of fun behind the scenes and conceptual angles to share with you about these first two videos but I'm going to save that for a latter day. I took on many roles for these two videos (Producer, Vocalist, Studio Engineer, Director and Editor) and getting them ready for release has exhausted me to say the least. So I'll just let them speak for themselves for now and we'll save those goodies for down the road.


      In closing consider this a formal notice. If your an agent of evil, be it as a Emcee, Cooperation, Religion, Government or what have you, please know that these are your "Final Days". We warriors of light are out to take back the night and you best be prepared for our "Roar"

      To all my loving supporters, please make sure to pass this around on all your social media sites and share your all your friends and F.A.M.

      We Are Rising, We are ONE!!!


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