"We All Work" goes viral on the FRONT PAGE OF REDDIT.COM (Top #10) 25,000+ hits in under 12 hours!!!

Hello to all my new fans (I prefer to look at you all as F.A.M.) that have found my music on www.reddit.com in the last 12 hours. It's already been a whirlwind.

First off, give thanks to the universe for this blessing. Who would have thought after 10 years of hard work one of my songs would blow up from a neighbor randomly posting up the "We All Work" Video after being inspired at my release show sat.

PLEASE make sure to share the video with all you friend and family via word of mouth and social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Etc.

Below is the link to purchase the studio single from my Bandcamp page. Any and all support is appreciated more than you know.

And here's a link to my debut solo album F.A.M. (Family Always Matters)

Make sure to stop back often. I just released a new album Sat called MOVEMENT that will be up for sale this week and my new video series "Becoming A King" starts in the next 10 days also. Lot's of fun on the way, this couldn't have happened at a better time...

Thanks again for all the love and support!!!

We are rising, We are ONE!!!

Shine on...


1 comment:

  1. Man you trully deserve it ! I already shown your rap to many of my friends and they all really like it (: Looking forward for your album and etc ...
    Gonna buy everything you made as soon as I can, I listened to like 5 songs of yours but man this is good ! Pure gold to listen really !

    Keep up the good work, hope to see you live when I will travel to the USA ;)