New 2 hour podcast with Aaron Evans on Crappy Awesome (The Salvation, The Trolly, The Internet)

      "Diego Brown Project sits down with dedicated hip-hop artist and the internets latest "find", Aaron Evans. Topics include: the elements of a viral video, defining crazy and why being "ready" is so important... always. Ladies and gents... Aaron Evans... when positivity goes viral" -Crappy Awesome

       YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!!! Within this 2 hour podcast we talk about a plethora of personal moments which mad me the man and artist I am today. Alcoholism, insanity, my trip to the mental institution, My arrest and resurrection from adversity, how I started as an Emcee, what the "Becoming A King" video series is all about and when I'll be hitting the road in support of We All Work and F.A.M.

       Huge thanks goes out to Arash Ashfar, Eddie Rangel, Chris Reyes and the while Crappy Awesome team, I'll def. be back soon. These cat's are doing a lot to help push the So Cal Hip Hop scene forward with Crappy Awesome and The Cypher Effect. "We not Me" is the theme, and I agree 3000%. 

Click HERE to listed to the exclusive 2 hours podcast now. (Avaliable for Download on Android & iTunes)

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