3000 words with Aaron Evans in a new interview with Soul Anchor Collective

      "There is something to be said for artists who find a balance between the left and right brain, learning to hone and deliver outrageous creativity with the rhythm and urgency of a Type-A CEO. Ohio emcee (among a long list of other crafts), Aaron Evans, has learned this delicate balance, and is now bearing the fruit of such in unexpected ways. Aaron Evans has been consistently utilizing his innate creativity to build a community of like-minded individuals beyond a decade and has a rather impressive list of accomplishments to prove it." -S.A.C.

      Check out my newest interview with Nate from Soul Anchor Collective. Within I discuss my artistic inspirations, what's next with my career, and what motivates me to continually push a positive message.

      Click HERE to read the 3000 interview with Soul Anchor Collective

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