Perpetual Motion "Homegrown with Chad G" by Aaron Evans in SKUNK Magazine ON STANDS NOW!!!

     "You want homegrown, I’ll give you homegrown. This edition of Perpetual Motion couldn’t be more homegrown if you ripped out this page, planted it in your personal Eden, then sat back and waited patiently for my words to miraculously sprout from the soil.  The roots of this piece reach past the Earth’s Crust, past the Upper Mantle, the Transition Region, Lower Mantle, D layer, past it’s molten Outer Core plunging all the way to the planet’s fusion heartbeat. For Chad G. embodies the essence of our theme quintessentially. Personifying a humble existence in harmony with his natural surroundings, aiming only to live a sustainable lifestyle, nurture his family pride and produce astounding creations every time he approaches his artistic instruments. See, this article isn’t ABOUT being homegrown, it IS homegrown, and I’m about to tell you why." 
-Taken from SKUNK Magazine Volume 9 Issue 1. 

     This isn't the first time I've covered Chad G in Perpetual Motion and this stunning piece shows exactly why. Beyond the fact that he's just one cool as dude, he constantly is producing new conceptual work that incorporates a amazing array of both old school and new school techniques. Trust me, the article dives further down the rabbit whole for sure.

     Being that Perpetual Motion is now found in the prestigious pages of SKUNK Magazine I can no longer post up links to the full article (Gotta pay for that one F.A.M.) but at least I can post up a few BONUS PICTURES!!!

     So go now to the link above and subscribe to SKUNK TODAY!!! and then swing by Chad's website www.chadg.net and instagram @cgglassart and show this man some LOVE. 

     I'll be taking next month off from Perpetual Motion as I recover from my surgery but look for it's return in Volume 11 coming late summer. 

     Till next time, 
     Keep the fire burning, 
     You know I will.


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