Happy Fathers day to my dad Eugene Hohwald (Aka Wally Aka Old Guy Aka The Silver Fox)


     We all know that I love/value/cherish F.A.M. more than anything else in this world and so this year I'd like to send an extra special HAPPY FATHERS DAY  to my dad, Eugene Hohwald. This man taught me how to bait a worm, ghost a hit, play every game and sport under the sun, listen patiently, love unconditionally, productively putz, jam out to Bob Marley and perhaps most importantly, act like a complete goofball at every given chance life provides. Beyond that, he helped raise all the children in my neighborhood who didn't have fathers around AND for that matter, raise/guide/mentor thousands of kids around my hometown of Columbus during his time as an inner city recreation center leader and school teacher. 

     This is the verse I wrote for him on the title track to F.A.M. (It's the 3rd verse on the song)

"My father may never hear this, 
see he has to read lips,
That means growing up communication was a trip.
the young torus, 
full of my own bullshit,
darting Dante to a dance with bullets.
born again bohemian, 
bonafide pacifist,
Tried to steer his seed clear of life dark passages.
We didn't split hairs, 
we split adoms instead,
Butting our heads 
till our face turned red.
I never thought I'd look so deep into lost eyes.
But his eyes where only lost, 
due to the lost look in mine.
His life given, 
raising unwanted children,
but a first born smitten with the taste of rebellion.
But father never give up, 
they man up.
Chin check the pup till they grow up, 
big pictures clear up.
And I hope fans understand these messages are his,
And the man that I am is a reflection of him."

Listen to the full track below.

     And this is the video I dedicated to him called "Look At California". Within the video 4 friends meet up to go fishing and just enjoy the beauty of the nature around them. Both of those things are activities I hold very close to my heart due to his influence. Every time "I go a fishing" it for him.


I love you and am grateful to have you as a guide and friend. Thanks again for everything you've done for my life. 

Here's your fathers day gift, I sent it home with Mom. 
It's a limited edition sticker pack from one of my favorite artist and good friends JAG. 
I'm sure glad Mom let you slip on by for your birthday 32 years ago. 
(I told you all we like to laugh)


Your son, 

Aaron Evans

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