Read about my 4-20 adventures with Jack Daniel and Crew on Nuggetry.com (Article by Jack Daniel)

     So I'll admit, my life is crazy. Real crazy! Seems everyday is another wild exploration into the outer realms of counter culture. BUT 4-20 always entails a little extra special madness. This year was no exception. In fact, it was so much fun that the FAM Jack Daniel decided to capture the overtone of our expedition to LA for the Coyle Condenser show at Goosefire Gallery and my favorite restaurant in the world Roecoe's Chicken and Waffles.

     Big shout out to NUGGETRY for all the love they've been showing lately. I even got recognized while picking up my morning coffee yesterday due to one of their recent articles. That's fresh!!!

Click here to read about our travels guided by the spirit of none other than past Perpetual Motion feature DWRECK on Nuggetry.com!!! 

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