Photo Shoot for Sebastian Lu Zimmer by Aaron Evans

     So most of you know at this point that I work in roughly 8 million artistic mediums. One of said mediums is Photography. I started with a Nikon camera in 1997 back when dark rooms, film and manual operation where still the standard. I even had a photo lab in my first apartment in collage. Then, I put the camera down for 15 years and didn't really think about it till I started getting into making and directing music videos. Let's just say it was a good choice.
     A few weeks back one of my new friends Sebastian Lu Zimmer put out the S.O.S. that he needed fresh photo's for his new fly job at a law firm. Being that he's been incredible helpful and kind in the short time we've know each other I told him I could take care of him. I mean, you gotta take care of the FAM right?
     Anyway, we went out yesterday into the beautiful San Diego sunshine and had a great session. I love that Lu is most definitely on top of his professional game, but also still fun and lighthearted in his day to day activities. I think this shoot really captures both side's of this dynamic individual.
      I've decided that offering my services exclusively to my inner circle is silly and will be sharing my creative eye to the general public very soon. I just need to find the time to build a website and I'll be rolling. My portfolio is pretty broad and after this shoot I'm confident I can handle just about anything throw my way.
      Here's some of my favorite images from yesterday. If you need new photo's and like what you see drop me a line at aaronevansimagination@yahoo.com and we'll get you some top shelf pic's ASAP.

      Shine on.... A.E.

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