FREE GREEN (The EP) by Aaron Evans of The Green Brothers if AVAILABLE NOW!!

This is a FREE PROMOTIONAL EP to say THANK YOU to all the dedicated Green Brothers fans around the world. From Everybody's Green to I Get Lifted it's been one hell of a wild adventure.

Click HERE to listen and download the new EP for FREE!!!

I made this album in 2010 shortly after moving to So Cal. 7 Tracks in seven days, with a OZ. of MARS O.G., a studio full of sunshine, and a smile on my face.  This is nothing to be taken to seriously, it's just some good old fashion GREEN BROTHERS FUN. Ruff Mix's, No Mastering, homegrown in my lab, harvested in your speakers. This is as organic as it gets. I've never released a side project like this but it's been sitting in the vault for far to long so I decided to share this project while it was still felt fresh.

Could be a while (If ever) before I release anther Green Brothers album so I hope you enjoy this offering. I'll be focusing on my solo career and writing for the next 18-24 months. Don't worry, I still do and always will, stand, fight, and work for the legalization of Marijuana and Hemp but musically I feel myself drawn in other directions at the moment. 

Check back soon and I'm preparing to unleash a conceptual monster with my new video series "Becoming A King" and 3 accompanying albums. 

Till then....

Stay Lifted!!!


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