1 year, 10,000+ plays and a life goal met. WE ALL WORK Ft. Generik is touching lives around the world.

     1 year ago today Me, Generik and Rowlberto Productions released We All Work  (Trolly Show Remix). 10,000 plays later I can say with certainty in my heart, that this artistic offering has touch others hearts around the globe many times over. This is a blessing to give thanks for. All I want to do with my music is spread positivity and personal growth. This is a Movement that started far before my time and my role in this crazy world is to make sure it keeps shining long after I'm gone. WE ARE RISING, WE ARE ONE!!!

     Almost as if it just happened yesterday I can remember that feeling I had stepping onto that trolly. Pure fear, pure confidence, pure adrenaline. I knew that this would either come out outstanding or very  mediocre. I knew this was a moment to truly connect with the people in a raw natural environment. I knew that if I could rock a group of completely unexpecting strangers, I could rock any crowd, anywhere, anytime.

     It was MardiGras night here in San Diego and there was a special electricity in the air. People wearing crazy hats, ladies dress to the nine, smiles ready to explode. But how would people respond to my crazy ass telling them to "Keep sight of the light at the end of the tunnel" Only diving in head first would tell the true outcome of this tale.

    As Generik started laying down the music bed with his superhuman talents I felt that lion inside of me come to life. You can see it in my eyes, I was going in 110% no matter the people's response. It's always funny to me to see that look on my face as I tend to be a pretty laid back (normally high) kinda guy. But something happens when I share these words, a flicker becomes a flame and that flame become a raging fire instantaneously.

     My favorite part of this experience was winning the people over. You can see at the start of the video that people where like WTF is going on??? Has this kid lost his mind? (Is he going to hijack the trolly? lol.) But as the rhythms and words began to sink in you can almost see a collective sigh of relief that I wasn't just another Emcee talking about how cool I am. The hope I infuse into every word I write, became new hope in their soul. I've even had several people on that train track me down after and tell me just how amazing that evening was for them, us and everyone else along for the ride.

    By the time I got to the ending call and response I had to make sure to keep myself composed due to the absolute joy that was leaping from my heart. I knew how unique that moment was and truth told, I knew right then that I may never do anything more real than this in my whole career. (But I got some pretty cool shit coming up so we'll see... I'm always trying to reset the bar)

     Now a year later. This music has gone beyond that little trolly and has found it's way into the lives of friends, FAM, fans, even haters near and far. AND I CAN'T SAY THANK YOU LOUD ENOUGH!!!!!  WITH OUT EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOUR SUPPORT THIS PROJECT WOULD BE NOTHING!!! YOU ARE THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL I SPEAK OF!!! YOU ARE THE CHANGE OUR WORLD SO DESPERATELY NEEDS!!!

     So please keep sharing, posting, tweeting, blogging, and telling you loved ones about this Movement. This project is just that start of many offerings I have coming down the line that I'm quite proud of. With hard work, a little luck and your continued support, WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!!! IF ONLY ONE PEOSON AT A TIME...

     I go into production of my new video series "Becoming A King" on Monday and I'm done asking for change. I seizing it with every cell in my being. It's time for this lion to put on his crown and I promise that I will do my best to always lead FOR THE PEOPLE!!!

      Mad love to Generik for being my partner in crime with this whole thing. Def. Blessed to have you as part of the FAM brother. And I have to give love to the Trolly Show crew who held it down during a loooong night of shooting... You guys rock and have helped bring my message to the masses...


We are rising, but he still have much higher peaks to reach until we concur this mountain.

With love,


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