Shooting on the "Becoming A King" video series starts this week.

     There comes a time when every young lion must take his place as King Of The Jungle.

     I can say with confidence, that my time has finally come.

     This week I start filming the 6 part video series for "Becoming A King" and NO ONE will see what's coming at the end. It will be a life changing moment for sure... 2 full albums and 2 ep's are planed for this journey and I can't wait to share this next chapter with the FAM.

     I can't really tell you all much about it all without spoiling the surprise but I can say that this whole series is on some whole other shit compared to everything else I've done. It's art. It's dance. It's makeup. It's music.

     It's imagination in all its forms.

     I'm really excited to be working with Pixel Productions again (where I did the "I've Been Blessed" video) and my brother Eric Martin (Who is one of my personal favorite artist here in California. Buy a piece from him, I have several on my walls...)

 #1 is called "Final Days" (9 lives)

 #2 is called "Roar"

 Needless to say shit is going to get real.

Thank you all for the ongoing support. It means the world to me.

Keep shining and bumping the other videos till I get this out... (And buy F.A.M.


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