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     As some of your know NUG Magazine was purchased several months ago and has been going through a transitional phase. Although I will not be writing for them anymore (On to bigger and better things) I'm still very proud of the work I published during my time at NUG. For some period now my articles where off line but over the weekend they where finally put back in circulation. I switched out all the links and added new articles to my page covering Glass Master "DWreck" and musical/yoga wonderkind "Dj Drez". I don't think there cats could come from more opposite sides of the creative spectrum so make sure to check out what these two are all about. Def. an honor to cover both of them.
     ***Some of the NUG articles have odd grammatical and design errors that I have no control over at this point, BUT it seemed better to have my work available while they work out the bugs... Than not at all... The content is still all there, you just may have to overlook some small quirks...***

      I'm working on some new exciting adventures for my writing career...I can't let the bag out just yet... but 2013 is looking to be a year full of creativity, prosperity and growth for me and my creative FAM. Check back daily for new work and updates... The flood gates have just begun to swing open.

     Shine On...


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