Nomis "Alpha Trion" CD Release show This Friday July 20th. Hosted by Aaron Evans

       So the second half of July is jam packed with great Hip Hop here in San Diego and I'm really excited to be hosting the "Alpha Trion" release show on Friday. I've never seen Nomis rock with a live band before but I've seen him get loose solo and I can only image how much energy he's going to bring to the stage for this event. The more I see from this cat the most respect I have for his skill on the mic. He's been going hard on his promo and I'm expecting a stellar turn out and an extremely positive, uplifting vibe for the evening.

       Check out my personal favorite video from Nomis "Rosario Dawson" below
       (Yeah, thats him, same lion. New fresh mane.)

       And click here to visit Nomis's website and see more from one of SD's finest.

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