"Look At California" Has jumped from the gates and is catching love on sites around the world!!!

       The F.A.M. CD release show is just around the corner on July 28th and I couldn't be more thrilled that my newest video featuring some of my favorite artist here in So Cal has had such a fantastic first week. Heck, it hasn't even been a week, but I just had to start getting a list of thank you's to all the sites showing love. The blogosphere is a crazy place and I always try to show love in return to everyone that  supports and helps make our dreams come true.

-Hip Hop Bootleggers
-Beat Box Radio Show
-Four Elements
-SC Bonkers Music Group
-Good Vibe SD
-Da Ill Spot
-Free Mass Media
-Soul Anchor Collective
-Underground Hardcore Rap
-Ugyl Dig Blogg
-Sociedad Travieza Junkie
-Onstage DC
-Rap Reviews
-Esim El Sabio
-The Jahfather of Soul Cal
-Beatsmith Resist's Site
-Dope Sine 92"
-Yosuke (Japan)
-Jizzas Videos
-Raw Drive
-Dj Junk
-Rock The Dub
-Funcion Abierta
-Vision Of Theory
-Jeremy Edwin.com
-Dork Mustache
-Go 2 Films
-Videos Area

      Please keep passing the video around to all your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Etc and if you have a favorite blog or site that you think should be coving us drop them a line and tell them. We want "Look At California"!!!

      You all ROCK!!!



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  1. Good Looking With The Shout. Much Respect. Bless. 1