Aaron Evans Feat. Real J Wallace, Sojourn and Beatsmith Resist "Look At California" Video/Single Out Now!!!

First off... HIT PLAY..... Then read below....   :)

      What's good F.A.M.?

      So I've been talking about my first directing stint the last few weeks, but little do you all know that I've been working on making this track happen since the week I moved to San Diego 2 1/2 years ago. I really exacted about with the final product which once again breaks the mold on a traditional Hip Hop Video. Real J. Wallace, Sojourn and Beatsmith Resist all made tremendous contributions to the project and my video team consisting of Joseph Nesbitt and Jonatan Ramsey was stellar. It was an absolute please to work with EVERYONE involved with the project. Gadget, iLouie, Lil Moose, Generik, Opoetik, Jay Dub, Jason Brown, Paulina Fraser and my video ninja Nate mad love to you all.

     Dare I say it?

     Thing song is the most hypnotic, infectious thing I've dropped since "I Get Lifted" and I truly hope it connects from our hearts to yours. PLEASE PASS IT AROUND TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS IN BOTH REAL LIFE AND HERE IN INTERNET LAND!!! IT MEANS THE WORLD TO US!!!

      CLICK HERE for a FREE DOWNLOAD of the single and read below if you the type that's more into "Offical" press releases.

     "Staying true to themes that are universal and uplifting Aaron Evans returns with a Cali summer anthem accompanied by Real J. Wallace, Sojourn and Beatsmith Resist. "Look at California" is sure to please any listener of Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Poetry or Jazz. It's smooth groove is perfect for rolling the windows down and just riding into the sunset while it's infectious hook will leave you singing "Look at California" long after the final credits role. The video itself tells the story of 4 friends meeting up to go fishing. More a short film or story rather than a traditional video, "Look At California" was shot in Ocean Beach, California on a bustling sunny Sunday. Fishing is an ancient method of survival, camaraderie and recreation that transposes age, gender and race. Nearly all of us have heartfelt memories of time spent telling stories with a friend, family member or loved one on a pier, boat or shore. There may be a few twists and turns on our adventures there, but one we all arrive, laughs are shared and smiles are standard. Furthermore the video draws on the concept of "I Go A Fishing" aiming to show that each and every musician/artist is fishing for their own catch, using their words, rhythms and emotions as bait. Everyday each of us must recast our lines and see what bounty the great seas of creation have in store. Sometimes it's a feast, sometimes it's famine, regardless we all must keep diligent pursuit of our personal white whale. We hope you enjoy this presentation please make sure to pass it around if you do. Your support is what's kept us going for 10 years and in many ways we're just getting started. "Family Always Matter" Album Release show July 28th at Kava Lounge. 2812 Kettner Blvd, San Diego, California. Performances by Aaron Evans, Todo Mundo, Sojourn, Gill Sotu and Many Many other members of the F.A.M."

We are rising, We are ONE!

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