Perpetual Motion "Dwreck" By Aaron Evans ONLINE NOW at NUGMAG.COM

     Man, I told you, Dwreck don't play. This cat will kick your ass, then get you high, then kick your ass again, all as your on your way to becoming best friends. That's right my pretties, the overlord of the glass cultures dark side is now holding "high" court online at NUGMAG.COM and I warn you, this one ain't for the faint of heart. I'm going to try and get some pictures up from the piece Dwreck sent me... It's just to nasty not to share.

     Till then, CLICK HERE NOW to read the full article and redefine just what you thought Punk Rock is. Plug in and crank it to ten, Perpetual Motion is back at it again.

      Keep the fire brining, You know I will.




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