Mr. Ridley presents "Clockwork Slang" by Parker and The Number Man OUT NOW!!! (Recording and Artwork by Aaron Evans)

     Around a year ago my dude Mr. Ridley ask me if he could use my studio in Golden Hill to record his new project with Parker and The Number Man. There was something about that century old victorian house that just had a great sound I tell you. No matter how fly your gear is or not, you can't beat a naturally amazing acoustic space. So we set things up and dove in....

     Then somewhat to my surprise Ridley took off for a adventure to L.A. and I found myself in charge of recording the project. No worries, this wasn't my first rodeo and I was excited to work with P&T's creative and playful rhyme patterns. As always Ridley brought nothing but bangers to the project and the fella's scripted a dope wild ride to the other side of their consciousness. I ended up playing a much larger roll in the recording process than I expected, but all in all this project flowed pretty smooth and the final result is fresh.

BUT it turned out my work wasn't quite done.

Two weeks ago Ridley hit me up about designing a flyer for the release show and they all liked my layout so much they asked me to do the whole album. I was all about it and knocked it out in no time flat. The music was so energetic it just kind of leaped out of me. (Thank god, I hate when art turns into pulling teeth.) Not to mention Starinthesky Productions provided me with such outstanding images that it was almost done before I started.  I just had to sprinkle in some of my magic and boom, it's off to press.

If your interested in inquiring about my services for any of you design needs drop me an email to aaronevansimagination@yahoo.com and I'll see what I can do to help you manifest your final vision. I'm all about making dreams come to life.

So check out the album and them make your way to Kava Lounge next Wen. Aprill 11th and catch the release party for "Clockwork Slang" featuring Parker and The Number Man, Mr, Ridley, Orko, Kaus and Craze, Broken Dreams and MORE!!!

See the flyer below for details...

With that, I'm out...

More moves to be made, stop back soon.... 2012's just getting started....

We are rising, We are ONE!!!!

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