"We All Work" Featured on NBC SD and other week 1 reviews.

     When I set forth to make this video I  was praying that It would connect with people from all walks of life. One week after it's release I'd say it's safe to say the we've accomplished just that. We're just getting started and we have a long way to go, but the amount of support I've received on "We All Work" has been tremendous. It was even featured on NBC SD which is an accomplishment I'm quite proud of. Let's keep it moving, I think there's a lot more people out there that will connect with this video but we need to get it to then. You help with this is key. Please tell a friend, share on facebook, Tweet, shit hire a plane to write it in the sky, whatever. Just keep doing what your doing because it's working. Check below some of the things people are saying about the video.  Thanks for all the love.... A.E.

-"We All Work" empathizes with those in the midst of the daily grind. It recognizes it as a struggle but also urges us to keep pushing. The "we" is important because Evans implicates himself in that same struggle -- he's walking the path along with us. More than that though, "we" connects everyone on that trolley to each other like an unspoken support group. I could imagine how much this would mean if I were coming home by trolley from a particularly crap day at work. This performance wins because it's not just an anomalous distraction from routine. It gets at the sacred connectedness of this daily experience." 
- Quan Vu / NBC San Diego SoundDiego Click here to read the full article

-"Thank God for real hip hop, that stays attached to the root from which she grew. Aaron Evans, of The Green Bros., and Generik ,of SD’s LNC, remind viewers/listeners of why we all love hip hop. This planned/unplanned show on the trolley in San Diego is a reminder of the importance of the impromptu, in the moment nature, of hip hop, and music in general for that matter, and serves as encouragement to do what you do any- and everywhere.
-Nathan Anthony / Soul Anchor Collective  Click here to read the full article

-"The super talented Aaron Evans kicks rhymes from his song "We All Work" accompanied by the beatboxing prowess of Generik." -Praverb.net  Click here to read the full article

The video has also been posted on NUG Magazine, Rap Reviews, Hip Hop Bootleggers and many other site. Keep checking back, with love and a little luck the reviews will keep rolling in.

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