Video #2 from F.A.M. "We All Work" by Aaron Evans Feat. Generik (A Trolley Show) Out NOW!!!

     In these trying times there's one concept I think we can all relate to. "WE ALL WORK". I don't care what you do; artist, activist, lawyer, teacher, race car driver, blue collar, white collar, whatever... "We All Work" our asses off for far to little monetary reward. Even beyond money, we all work for dreams, goals and accomplishment we long to achieve. I, in my heart, believe that ALL OF US can reach our goals if we rise together. Listen for the last line in the video, it says it all.
     I originally wrote this song for the mother of an ex-girlfriend when she was in the hospital for some very serious medical issues. I wanted to give her words of hope in the darkness she facing. Truth told she's still fighting that fight 2 years later and every time I do this song I send a silent prayer out to her. BUT on a greater level this song is meant for everyone. We all go through rocky waters and we all must "keep sight of the light at the end of the tunnel." No-one is exempt form this universal rule.
      I teamed up with San Diego veteran Beat Boxer Generik to rock a remix of the original song on "A Trolly Show". Generik has been a really cool cat to me ever since I moved to SD and I'm ecstatic we finally got to link up on a project. Make sure to click on his link, I can't say enough about this kids talent.
      "A Trolley Show" is the brain child of some of the artist from the team I worked with on the "I've Been Blessed" video. More or less it's a series of performances featuring So Cal musicians jumping on random trolleys here in San Diego and rocking an acoustic impromptu show. Think of it as busking with a profession video team and some of the most amazing talent in the region. Bottom line, this idea is incredible and I'm really honored they ask me to be the first Hip Hop act on the show. It's blowing up quick, with sponsorship from San Diego MTS, heavy hitter's like Todo Mundo, Brian Warren of Weatherbox and Lisa Loeb making recent appearances, PLUS, a feature on CNN this week, this snowball is growing expediently. Click here to vista there official site and see more groundbreaking episodes.
     In closing I just want to that all my F.A.M. and friends that have been helping me spread the word about my solo career and debut album due out this spring. This is the 2nd official video from the album and I promise there's more than a few trick's left up my sleeve. Remember FAMILY ALWAYS MATTERS!!! Keep passing the music around to everyone you know, I'll keep putting my heart into each and every track...

Shine on


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