Perpetual Motion "Marble Slinger & Degenerate Art" by Aaron Evans ONLINE at www.NUGMAG.com NOW!!!

     Bonus behind the scene's picture taken during the filming of "Degenerate Art" by Marble Slinger. Take a peek at the short blurb from the article below then get hip to this groundbreaking artist today.

     "As I sat down to the opening credits, it was clear I was about to experience something exceptional. Striking industrial shadows set a dark background as fuel tanks flung open, the day’s artistic weapons were chosen, and finally, in a golden explosion, a flame was set ablaze. A deep bass pounded, bringing, full circle, a sensory overload that was sensationally pleasing. As glass silicate began melting, the camera paned dramatically over workstations and wandering dreams, moving slowly through the movie’s stunning introduction. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Degenerate Art." Click here to read the full article on www.NUGMagazine.com now

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