New episode of "The Trolly Show" feat Todo Mundo "La Calle" Online NOW!!!

     So the video samurai I've been working with on my "I've Been Blessed" video had the amazing idea to start a new show featuring So Cal musician's performing organic versions of their material while aboard the San Diego Metro Transit System. It's so dope I decided that I'm going to keep everyone updated on all the new episodes moving forward. Their showcasing a lot of really talented groups coming up in the scene and I know you all like good music so it's time to spill the beans.
     As always, I may be a little biased being that I'm shooting my episode in the next week or two but hey, I'm not one to let any opportunity pass me by. Especially one this fresh.
     The latest group to make an appearance "Todo Mundo" is one I noticed immediately after moving to San Diego as their distinct sound reminds me of a young Manu Chow (click here to here my favorite song of their's "Mr. Bobby"). I don't know much about this group outside of the fact the I love hearing their music drift through the air at festival and farmers markets all over the region.
     Stop back soon for more episodes. The damn's been broken and now a flood of creativity is barreling down the mountain. (Click here to visit "The Trolly Show" on Facebook and see past episodes.)

     Shine on...


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