I'VE DECIDED TO STOP SMOKING CIGARETTES!!! Self Improvement Vol. 1. (smack me if you see me smoking one.)

     After far to many years smoking cigarettes, I Aaron Evans Hohwald, for a number of reason's decided tonight and made the agreement with myself that I'm done with these nasty, foul, unhealthy deamons. I just went to Rite Aid and bought my first pack of Nicotine gum.  These things have a really bad hold on me but as I continue to re-invent myself this step is a MUST!!!! How can I be the light I long to be if I'm being self destructive at the same time.
     I owe it to my mother who recently had a small stroke and is working to better her life. (Including stopping smoking herself.), I own it to my love Shelby, who's been sick for weeks and I just found out that my smoking is making it worse. I owe it to my friends who have passed away far to young, how can I live my life to the fullest if I'm robbing myself of it at the same time. I owe it to my fans, you all give me so much support and love and I hope to be able to share my gift for years to come.  Most of all, I own it to myself, It might take me some time to forgive myself for the neglect I cast upon my body and pray I can undo the damage I've done.

     This Isn't going to be ez but I know I can do it, I HAVE TO DO IT!!!

     So with that, if you see me smoking a cigarette feel free to say something, talk shit, smack me (not to hard), walk away, really do whatever you feel is necessary to show your displeasure with this disgusting habit. It's the #1 thing I hate about myself and It's time I take on Goliath.

     Send love, support, gum and or extra weed if you want to help.  If anyone wants to stop with me I'm down to form a online support group.

     I'm going to give weekly update on my progress and promise to be open and honest about my latest change.

     Be Blessed.



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